Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Amazing Bedroom Designs for Boys

Designing your boy’s bedroom might be something that’s not very easy for a lot of people; boys have their own thinking and can’t be easily pleased. Your boy’s bedroom must be practical so that it combines all his stuff, and must reflect his personality to make him love it and be pleased with staying in it. This is a collection of amazing room designs especially for boys to choose the best one that matches with your boy’s personality and favorite color. Designing the room depends on the available space and the number of kids sharing the room. For single rooms, you can add a bed, a side table, and a closet and maybe a studying desk. If the space is small, you can go for a loft bed that its lower space is used as the studying desk, and several shelves are available for storage. Some of the really innovative ideas offered which appeal very much to all boys is to have their bed in the shape of a car or train. This style is very boyish and makes the room totally special for any kid because it includes something new not just the regular style of beds.

Another idea includes adding a favorite theme to your kid, like having wallpaper of space planets or rockets if your kid loves science fiction or cars if he loves cars. If your kid loves the sea, then you can make it the whole theme of your boy’s room, like having the bed in the shape of a ship with its sail, and paint the walls to match with this look. Add a musical instrument if he loves music, a bean chair having the shape of a soccer ball if he loves soccer, and many more idea. Everything depends on your boy’s preference. If you have two kids sharing the same room, then bunk beds are the best option in case of small spaces, they save a lot of space and give each boy his private bed. Bunk beds are offered now in amazing styles and colors, and the upper bed is reached through amazing ladders. If the space is larger, then you can add two separate beds that can come in various styles like ships, for example. You can add three beds beside each other if you have three boys sharing the same room. Complete the look of the room by painting the walls your kid’s favorite color, and add some decorative items that can be sportive or musical according to his preference so that he would be happy with his own room.

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