Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is not just a place for sleeping, it’s much more than that; it’s your special place in the house where you feel the privacy and the comfort. If you are about to create a bedroom or redecorate your old one and need some creative ideas, here are 10 new designs that may inspire you. You can start by the walls; there are many different ideas for decorating a wall, for example the first design is showing a good usage of the traditional contrast between black & white, by applying a simple white color for all of the walls with just only one of them in black that’s the one behind the bed with interior lighting and 4 integrated beautiful shelves, it looks very stylish. You can also use posters on your wall which is a very practical solution because it’s cheap and it’s available in big variety of colors and designs so you can decorate your wall easily according to the bedroom’s style, it is also changeable and easy to clean. 

How about installing a Jacuzzi in your bedroom! It sounds amazing! Imagine how luxurious would it look, and how enjoyable it would be if you can enjoy every night the wonderful feeling of relaxation in a warm Jacuzzi while watching TV just before going to bed. Of course this design is only suitable for big space bedrooms. If your bedroom has a beautiful natural view like a lake view or a big garden, then you are so lucky. 

Don’t hide this view; in fact you can use it to decorate your interior! If you transform the whole wall that sees this view into a big glass window it will bring you a cheerful feeling every morning and add to your bedroom a very beautiful and up-to-date look. Modern designs depend a lot on daring colors which can add a delightful ambiance to the place. As we see in the last picture, this purple bedroom looks really amazing with an excellent usage of this stylish color with a perfect combination with white furniture.

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